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The Singleton Paragon of Time is a collection of the oldest and rarest whiskies The Singleton has ever released. Each bottle is an incomparable expression of time. Such long-matured whiskies show a character and greatness only time could distil, shaped to perfection by our slow-crafting tradition. The hand-turning of barley on the malting floor, gentle fermentation to extract a in a pair of coal-fired stills, a long conversation with a single oak cask for more than five decades; all have played their part. The paragon of the collection lies in time itself. Each single hand-picked hogshead will celebrate a special way in which time has refined the perfection of an exceedingly rare Single Malt Scotch Whisky, yielding just a precious few individually numbered bottles.

The Singleton Of Dufftown 53 Year Old
The Singleton Of Dufftown 53 Year Old
The Singleton Of Dufftown 53 Year Old
The Singleton Of Dufftown 53 Year Old
The Singleton Of Dufftown 53 Year Old
The Singleton Of Dufftown 53 Year Old

The Singleton Of Dufftown 53 Year Old

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Distilled in 1964 and bottled in 2019 at a rarefied 53 years of age, this is the oldest single malt whisky ever released by The Singleton or Diageo. Only 117 bottles released, just 5 outside of Asia, and only 1 available for purchase on

A precious 53 year old whisky, held in a bottle of uniquely hand-blown crystal with copper metal work crafted by Thomas Fattorini (a Royal Warrant-holding, family-owned bespoke craftsmanship company of 192-year history).

The beautiful crystal decanter is housed in a dramatic wooden box with the decanter emerging from 5 copper lined layers of wood, representing each decade that the whisky was matured and crafted with nature. The shimmering copper backdrop reflects the silhouette of the decanter.

A piece of the original cask wood is enshrined within each box and connects you, with its scent and charcoal that rubs off on your fingers, to that single cask that bore this rare whisky.

It is rare to find a whisky of this great age; far rarer to find a superb single cask of impeccable provenance, which has never left the distillery. A special cask repays special consideration. Set aside for time to perform its slow magic, it has given us the oldest expression of The Singleton ever bottled. So far, only the angels have been able to enjoy their share. Even now, only a fortunate few can join them. Enjoy The Singleton Paragon of Time No. 1.

Serving Suggestion:
Best enjoyed neat or with a drop of water so the flavours become sweeter and fresher still, with a pleasant balancing bitterness. A taste made special by time.

Region Dufftown, Speyside.
Appearance Golden brown in colour, when swirled in the glass long legs form that show lightness, just as their spacing conveys the passage of time.
Body The texture feels light and smooth on the tongue.
Nose Initial aromas of rose water, with a little candle wax. Rich, sweet-scented and fruity, the exotic tropical and berry fruits at its heart sit on an aromatic base with hints of dried lavender or scented leather.
Palate The taste is sweetly fruity, with dried figs and hints of toffee, and a delightful freshness seems to cool the palate. In time, the dried fruits become richer.
Finish Long, sweet and elegantly drying. Warming too, with a faint smokiness and a hint of ginger in the aftertaste.

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Highly sophisticated, wonderfully aromatic and delicious to taste. An outstanding whisky – certainly the finest from this distillery that I have ever encountered.

Charles MacLean, Whisky Writer