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Celebrating 200 Years. Johnnie Walker began its pioneering history in 1820 when young John Walker used the money from the sale of the family farm to set up a grocer’s shop. Most grocers stocked single malts but they were inconsistent. John started blending the whiskies together so they tasted just as good every time. New generations of the family developed the whisky until 1909 when Johnnie Walker Black Label was born. The leading illustrator of the day sketched a logo and the Striding Man was created. Today, Johnnie Walker is the biggest whisky brand in the world and its slogan has been embraced everywhere as a joyful expression of optimism - Keep Walking.

Johnnie Walker Black Label Gift pack with 2 Glasses
Johnnie Walker Black Label Gift pack with 2 Glasses

Johnnie Walker Black Label Gift pack with 2 Glasses

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Johnnie Walker Black Label is a benchmark in blending excellence. Perfectly balanced whisky that brings together rich flavours to create an experience that is deep and rewarding. It is crafted by a small team of expert whisky-makers using more than 30 of the finest single malt and grain whiskies from the four corners of Scotland, each one matured for at least 12 years. This special Limited Edition pack comes with two beautiful glass tumblers, it is the perfect gift for those who walk with you.

Nose Take in the wonderfully mellow, rounded nose – replete with dry smokiness artfully mixed with the sweetness of raisins.
Palate Layers of dried fruits, citrus smoke, which then evolves into notes of honey, sweet spice and vanilla.
Finish You're rewarded with velvety chocolate and a rounded smoky finish.