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Talisker is the oldest Single Malt Scotch Whisky distillery made by the sea on the shores of the Isle of Skye, one of the most remote, rugged, yet beautiful landscapes in Scotland. Few whiskies tell the story of their origin better than Talisker. Its smell and taste instantly connect the drinker with the rugged environment – like a warm welcome from a wild sea. It’s a powerhouse; challenging but adored; once discovered rarely left.

Talisker Whisky Chocolate Easter Egg
Talisker Whisky Chocolate Easter Egg
Talisker Whisky Chocolate Easter Egg

Talisker Whisky Chocolate Easter Egg

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This Spring, Talisker Whisky has partnered with Edinburgh based chocolatier, COCO - The Art of Chocolate, to create its first ever Easter Egg, a perfect gift for chocolate and whisky lovers alike. The dark chocolate sea salted shell encases a selection of indulgent Talisker Whisky sea salted caramels, reflecting the rugged elements of the homeland of Talisker using sea salt from the shores of the Isle of Skye.

Talisker Whisky, the award-winning Single Malt Scotch, pairs perfectly with dark chocolate, resulting in a marriage of intense and indulgent flavours in this luxurious Easter Egg, marking the first development from Talisker into the delectable world of chocolate. The Talisker Easter Egg combines the rich premium dark chocolate from COCO Chocolatier, made using the world’s finest South American cocoa, with sea salt straight from the home of Talisker on the Isle of Skye. Accompanying the Easter egg are bespoke Talisker Whisky sea salted caramels - for a smokey, salty bite of the dramatic coastline of the Isle of Skye.

The Talisker Chocolate Easter Egg includes:

  • Dark Chocolate and Isle of Skye Sea Salt Egg (16.5x16.5x22.5 cm in package)
  • Talisker Whisky Isle of Skye Salted Caramels x5

Expert Reviews

Insights from some of the best in the business

The flavour profile of Talisker Whisky works exceptionally well with rich and sweet flavours as the salt and pepper spice contrast which creates balance, which is why the pairing of Talisker with COCO Chocolatier’s premium dark chocolate is a perfect match. The use of the sea salt from the Isle of Skye in both the egg itself and the sea salted caramels connects them with Talisker’s homeland, and it’s deliciously distinct made by the sea character.

Jason Clark, Talisker Brand Ambassador GB

We are delighted to partner with Talisker Whisky for this exciting project, this is the first time we have collaborated with a premium drinks brand to create a product like this. This collaboration is particularly special to us, as Talisker shares our Scottish heritage, which we have infused throughout the Easter Egg and sea salted caramels.

Debbie MacLennan, NPD Manager at COCO Chocolatier