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Over two centuries this distillery has faced it all. But flood, a rather destructive fire, a fair share of financial turmoil, and two world wars have done nothing to impair the rounded, mellow, almost sultry tones of Benrinnes Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Benrinnes 15 Year Old Flora & Fauna Single Malt Whisky, 70cl

Benrinnes 15 Year Old Flora & Fauna Single Malt Whisky, 70cl

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A rich, sweet and smooth single malt whisky which sees Benrinnes’ fresh, green estery Speyside characteristics subsumed in its dark aromas. This nicely textured single malt is rich and luscious with meaty and savoury characteristics.

nice textured

Serving Suggestion:
Benrinnes works best served in a traditional whisky glass, neat or with a little water.

Region A garden fed by the River Spey.
Appearance Bright mahogany.
Body Full bodied, with a very smooth mouthfeel.
Nose A rich nose, presenting an early impression of chocolate liqueurs. Light smokiness, and a dense floral note.
Palate Richly sweet, full, rum-like, with a centre palate impact. In spite of the sweetness, not cloying.
Finish Dries out slightly in the finish, where there is also a 'catch' which might be taken for peat-smoke. Medium length, leaving a faintly sherried aftertaste.

Expert Reviews

Insights from some of the best in the business

A brief flash of caramel shortcake on the initial nose, soon becoming more peppery and leathery, with some sherry. Ultimately savoury and burnt rubber notes. Big-bodied, viscous, with gravy, dark chocolate and more pepper. A medium-length finish features mild smoke and lively spices.

Gavin D Smith, Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015, p.82

Cucumber, water melon and some caramel on the nose, sherried and full palate with some figs and harsher notes. The finish is medium long and complex.

Dominic Roskrow, Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015, p.82

...with a nose that is rich, beefy, and coppery with a hint of sulphur, clover honey, and barbecue sauce. The taste is strong and coppery with that same hint of sulphur, touches of pepper, honey, and grilled pineapples. The finish is long, dry, solid, and well-balanced with notes consistent with the taste., May 2015