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Our team of world-leading Whisky Experts are proud to present a collection of some of the world’s most carefully crafted, exclusive and rare whiskies. The Rare & Exceptional portfolio draws from the single most extensive Scotch Whisky reserves to create wonderfully collectable and unique Blended and Single Malt Whiskies perfect to explore, share and gift in special moments.

Collectivum XXVIII Blended Malt Scotch Whisky, 70cl

Collectivum XXVIII Blended Malt Scotch Whisky, 70cl

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A natural cask strength blended Malt Whisky from all twenty-eight operating single malt distilleries owned by Diageo. This once in a lifetime blend has a complex of aromas and flavours with a well-balanced blend of carefully selected tastes that's very refreshing.

Region Speyside, Islay, Island, Lowland and Highland.
Appearance Pale clear amber, with moderate beading.
Body Rich and rounded.
Nose Surprisingly mild in feel and the overall aroma is tightly integrated with spicy-sweet and fruity autumnal forests. It slowly reveals more herbal notes, with minty toffee and hints of pastry.
Palate A balance of sweetness, acidity and tannic dryness. Nuts and spice lead and are closely followed by the sweetness of barley sugar. A nutty sugared flavour reappears only to disappear amid more citrus, tempered by toffee and finally a fruity dark chocolate.
Finish Of medium-length with warming spice and a thin layer of sharp fruit.